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List of programmes



Medium: Public and In-house   Location:
Public Course - Wellington
In-house - By Arrangement

Costs: Public Course -
$1575 plus GST
In-house - On application
21-22 February (Auck)
11-12 March
29-30 May (Auck)
20-21 June
28-29 August (Auck)
2-3 September
9-10 December
In-house - By Arrangement



One of the key factors for success in business today, be it the achievement of results embodied in strategic or project plans or simply gaining co-operation and buy-in, is our ability to persuade and influence others, from senior management through to stakeholders and other the users of our services.

To do so effectively requires many skills. We must not only be technically competent, we must be able to express ourselves persuasively in a variety of situations while at the same time listening to, valuing and responding to the views of others. Most importantly, we must also understand the power of crystal clear focus and our own personal presentation and impact to influence outcomes.


The objective of this two day workshop is to assist managers, team leaders and other professionals in developing all the key communication and influencing skills vital for the achievement of desired outcomes and results as well as for the successful management of staff and business working relationships.


Topics included in this workshop include:

  • Communication and influencing skills overview
  • The influencing model and the power of behaviour
  • Taking the initiative to influence outcomes
  • How to influence outcomes through crystal clear focus
  • Understanding roadblocks in communication and how to avoid them
  • Understanding the needs of different personality types
  • Presenting yourself and your ideas persuasively
  • Getting your message across effectively-words and actions
  • Listening, questioning and fact finding skills
  • Expressing opposing points of view constructively
  • Expressing opposing points of view constructively
  • Communicating in a group situation
  • Contributing effectively in meetings
  • Raising difficult and sensitive matters
  • Giving feedback to others constructively
  • Handling objections, obstacles and negative feedback
  • Using our influencing skills for "win-win" outcomes
  • Gaining co-operation and motivating others
  • How to make others feel good about themselves and what you are asking them to do.


On completion of the workshop, participants will understand the power of their own behaviour to influence outcomes and will be better able to persuade, influence and motivate others through effective presentation of themselves and their ideas while at the same time respecting the position and opinions of others.


  • For details of our public course dates click here
  • To book on to a public course click here
  • To contact us about a customised in-house programme for presentation on the site of your choice click here


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Director Bill Butler B.Com, C.A, Dip. Soc. Sci. (Psycholo.) Phone : 021 506 701