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All of our workshops are highly practical and have been well received by participants who have attended in the past. With the consent of the participants, some comments regarding recent presentations are as follows :

Communication and Influencing Skills

Excellent. Great pace. We covered a lot of content in two days. Greatly enjoyed it all, especially being able to go over specific real-life examples.

Sophie Da Silva, Financial Accountant, Zespri. Tauranga

Excellent. Was engaged throughout the entire course and interested in all of the content.

Emily Dawson, Senior Customer Team Member, Sports Arena, Wellington City Council

Project Management Workshop

Excellent. Covered a range of Project Management tools and processes, basic principles and GNS specific information. Real boon to be able to work on live projects.

Nick Cradock-Henry, Principal Scientist, GNS Science, Christchurch

All excellent. The presenter made a great effort to make everyone feel involved. Well presented. Very Engaging.

Jeff Lyall, Web Master, GNS Science, Lower Hutt

Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Professionals

Excellent. Timing and pace really good. Easy to keep up. Bill made the theory easy as he was there to help us by asking and explaining.

Colin McManus, Contract Manager, Invercargill City Council

Introduction to Public Sector Finance

Excellent. Bill was excellent. Covered lots of content well in a short time. Practical sessions were great for solidifying knowledge.

Josh Mackay. Graduate Analyst. Treasury Wellington

Excellent. Great presentation and very informative. Impressive ability to keep everyone engaged.

Matt Curzon. Graduate Analyst. The Treasury. Wellington


Presentation Skills

Excellent. Pace was really easy to follow as was the structure. Learnt lots of new techniques. Practical sessions great length.

Hannah Eves, Deputy Clerk, Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives, Wellington

Excellent. Great material. All useful points. Found comments on pace and timing very interesting.

Zoe Williams, Deputy Clerk, Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives Wellington

Meeting and Facilitation Skills

Excellent. Timing was great. Continuity was great. Pace was very suited to my learning. Material quality was very thorough.

Kish Rani, Travel Choice Advisor, Greater Wellington Regional Council.

Management and Leadership Skills

Excellent. Content was delivered very well at a pace that I could follow. I felt the instructor had a sound knowledge of the objectives and needs of the group and demonstrated understanding through examples.

Dean Silva, Team Leader, Mental Health and Disability Services, Hamilton

Finance Essentials : Finance for Non-Accountants

Excellent. Building a solid foundation and building upon it into more complex ideas was excellent. Well-paced and high-quality.

George Creswick, Policy Support, The Treasury, Wellington

Reading and Understanding Financial Statements

Excellent. Quality of material was great. Answered all of our questions in depth and involved everyone. Really enjoyed when we looked at actual financials and dissected the information.

Lisa Leung, Liability Underwriter, QBE, Auckland

Relationship Management : Building Bridges – Not Barriers

Excellent. High quality material that was very useful. Bill best facilitator I have ever had, Warm, personable, interesting and organised.

Natalie Parsons, Health and Safety Advisor, GNS Science, Lower Hutt

Managing Flexible Working Arrangements

Excellent. This course was excellent and facilitated very well. Resources aligned with content and expectations of the course. Great workshop.

Ana Faatoia Team, Leader Community Resilience, Greater Wellington Regional Council.
Financial Machinery of Government : On-line Presentation

Excellent. Bill was very informative and interacted very well with the group. He even remembered everyone’s name which was pretty cool. Before moving onto the next subject, he would always make sure everyone understood what was said or asked if anyone had questions. When there were questions, he would answer them perfectly.

Jamie Wharepapa, Family Court Co-ordinator, Ministry of Justice, Rotorua


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Director Bill Butler B.Com, C.A, Dip. Soc. Sci. (Psycholo.) Phone : 021 506 701