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Public Course - Wellington
In-house - By Arrangement

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$845 plus GST

16 May
15 August
31 October
20 December
$845 plus GST

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In-house - By Arrangement


In today's business environment, much of what we do is in the nature of projects, both small and large. Whatever our role, it is likely that at some stage we will called upon to manage a project or to join a project team either as a team member or support officer. At the very least, we may be asked to complete assignments where complexity or size is such that something more that good organisational skills is required.

Whatever the task, project management is a brilliant process we all can use to get things done on time and within budget. Knowledge of the discipline of project management also enables us to contribute more effectively as a member of a project team.


The objective of this one-day programme is to assist participants in developing a thorough understanding of what project management is, the terminology used and how, through the application of core skills and techniques, successful project outcomes can be achieved.


The workshop is designed for staff seeking to obtain an overview of what project management is, project roles and responsibilities and how this methodology is used to achieve business outcomes. It is particularly suitable for those who are new to or about to undertake project work, either as a project team member or support officer.


Content of the workshop includes:

  • Demystifying project management
  • Key behaviours for successful project management
  • Project roles and responsibilities
  • The "life cycle" of projects
  • How projects are scoped and documented
  • How project plans are developed and used to manage and control projects
  • How projects are broken down into manageable chunks
  • The key tools used to schedule project tasks
  • The importance of communication and buy-in
  • Identifying possible risks and developing action plans
  • Closing and reviewing projects
  • Tips to avoid project headaches
  • Using a project management approach in day-to-day situations.

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