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List of programmes


Business Case Writing: Building your Case Successfully

Medium: Public and In-house   Location:
Public Course - Wellington
In-house - By Arrangement

Costs: Public Course - $845 plus GST   Dates:
10 May
14 August
  In-house - On application   In-house - By Arrangement


In today's economic climate, with an ever-increasing focus on a value-driven State Sector, it is essential that all staff within Central and Local Government are able to write sound business cases and take into account the costs and benefits of all the projects and initiatives with which they are associated.

While some staff are well versed with and apply Cost Benefit Analysis principles to all aspects of their work and the projects with which they are associated, this is not always the case. In many project business cases, costs often are indentified but not the benefits.


The aim of this workshop, delivered over one or two days to suit, is to assist participants in developing and/or enhancing their Business Case Writing and Cost Benefit Analysis skills.


Topics included in this workshop include:

  • Detailed language and concepts of Cost Benefit Analysis, including -
    • Purpose
    • Alignment with strategic and conceptual frameworks and priorities
    • Generation and appraisal of options against agreed criteria
    • Assumptions, constraints and conditions
    • Description of alternatives
    • Quality assurance
    • Critical Success Factors.
  • Identifying costs and benefits in detail, including -
    • Cost analysis � development, operational, recurring, non-recurring, capital investment
    • Benefit analysis � key benefits, tangible benefits, intangible benefits.
  • Developing robust business cases and an agreed content for use across the organisation.
  • Assessing relative costs and benefits using relevant formulae and assessment techniques such as-
    • Cost Benefit Analysis templates
    • Discounted Cash Flow (NPV)
    • Payback period
    • Net Benefits
    • Risk-benefit analysis.
  • Identifying red flags, risks and issues impacting on the costs or benefits.


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  • To contact us about a customised in-house programme for presentation on the site of your choice click here


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Director Bill Butler B.Com, C.A, Dip. Soc. Sci. (Psycholo.) Phone : 021 506 701