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List of programmes



Medium: Public and In-house   Location:
Public Course - Wellington
In-house - By Arrangement

Costs: Public Course -
$845 plus GST

15 March
20 May
22 July
4 October
13 December

  In-house - On application  
In-house - By Arrangement



An integral part of our role as a professional in today's business environment is to participate in meetings, both as leader and contributor. At other times, we are called upon to assist different groups in conducting their business in a productive and professional manner so as to achieve the purpose for which they have been brought together.

To carry out these functions effectively, we must first understand the basics of good meeting management and how to get the very best from both ourselves and others in the meeting situation. In the facilitation role, we must be able to confidently manage groups comprising different personalities, expertise and positions while at the same time operating within the defined boundaries of our role.


The objective of this one day workshop is to assist managers, team leaders and other professionals in developing all the key skills for effective participation in and facilitation of meetings so as to make best use of this popular way of getting things done.


Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Meeting and facilitation skills - an overview
  • The basics of good meeting management
  • Is a meeting necessary, the best way to achieve the outcome?
  • Analysing our own style and roles
  • Different ways of reaching agreement
  • Group dynamics - stages and roles people play
  • Being an effective participant, either as leader or contributor
  • Preparing for meetings - beginning with the end in mind
  • Getting people focused, motivated and involved
  • Encouraging participation in the decision making process
  • Listening, responding and keeping matters on track
  • Handling different personality types and eliciting the positives
  • Handling interruptions and side tracking
  • Summarising, checking for understanding and agreement
  • Handling objections constructively
  • Keeping discussion open while seeking other points of view
  • Manging Remote Meetings.


On completion of the workshop, participants will understand the essentials of good meeting management. They will also be able to lead and facilitate groups meetings more effectively while at the same time enhancing their own contribution and thus maximise the benefits to be gained from time spent in meetings.


  • For details of our public course dates click here
  • To book on to a public course click here
  • To contact us about a customised in-house programme for presentation on the site of your choice click here

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Director Bill Butler B.Com, C.A, Dip. Soc. Sci. (Psycholo.) Phone : 021 506 701