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List of programmes



Medium: In-house   Location: In-house - By Arrangement

Costs: On application   Dates: In-house - By Arrangement


We all live in different worlds of experience. Between those worlds are differences of opinions, habits and sensitivities. It is inevitable that there will be times when these differences will lead to conflict in the business environment. Although often disruptive, if managed effectively, such conflict need not be destructive.

A single act of assertion is rarely enough to resolve a conflict. There are, after all, few one shot wars! Managing conflict and personality differences successfully usually requires a more thoughtful and sustained effort.


The objective of this two day workshop is to assist managers, team leaders and staff in developing all the key skills to assist them in managing conflict and personality differences more effectively. Tailored to the specific needs of participants, the programme looks at both prevention and control and is suitable for those wishing to manage conflict better, either amongst staff or at a personal level.


Topics covered in the programme include:


  • Conflict and personality differences - an overview
  • Causes and benefits of conflict
  • Understanding "perceived" and "real" differences
  • Different ways of handling conflict and personality differences

Managing conflict and personality differences at a personal level

  • Assessing your own style of behaving and its impact
  • Personal discipline and control
  • The point of choice - fight or not to fight
  • Guidelines for controlling issues in relationships
  • Interpersonal skills for positive outcomes
  • Choosing the right behaviour.

Managing conflict and differences at a group level

  • Psychology of groups
  • Leadership styles
  • Group climate, impact of policies and procedures.


  • To contact us about a customised in-house programme for presentation on the site of your choice click here
  • For details of our public programmes click here


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Director Bill Butler B.Com, C.A, Dip. Soc. Sci. (Psycholo.) Phone : 021 506 701