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List of programmes



Medium: Public and In-house   Location:
Public Course - Wellington and Auckland
In-house - By Arrangement

Costs: Public Course -
$845 plus GST

23 February (Auck)
27 March
2 May
31 May (Auck)
5 August
30 August (Auck)
11 October
2 December

  In-house - On application  
In-house - By Arrangement


To keep up with the demands of a busy job requires many skills. We must be able to handle not only the technical challenges of our jobs but also the demands of a heavy workload, getting things done on time and deal with the people behind all those competing demands.

To do so, we must learn how to manage our time effectively. We must be able to organise and plan our work, manage interruptions and handle time wasters. We must also be able to prioritise our work and keep to our plans as far as possible without being unhelpful or unco-operative.


The objective of this one day workshop is to assist participants in developing key time management skills so as to optimise use of their time and help them get more out of their day.


Topics covered in the workshop include:

  • Key habits of effective professionals
  • How wisely do we manage our time right now
  • Planning and organising our day
  • Using time logs - time log spin offs
  • The six most effective principles of time management
  • Tools for breaking jobs down and scheduling tasks
  • Setting and preserving priorities
  • Using peak energy time
  • Distinguishing between urgent and important tasks
  • Handling interruptions and procrastination
  • Key time management tips
  • Managing e-mail efficiently
  • Assertiveness and negotiation skills for time management
  • Setting limits, saying "no" and negotiating alternatives
  • Developing a personal action plan linked to competencies
  • Skills for Working Remotely.


On completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Manage both their time and time-wasters more effectively
  • Apply key management techniques to the planning and organising of their work
  • Break jobs down into manageable components
  • Keep a time log and develop action plans to improve productivity
  • Group like activities for more effective use of time
  • Set priorities and make decisions on best use of time
  • Handle competing requests constructively, set limits and negotiate alternatives.


  • For details of our public course dates click here
  • To book on to a public course click here
  • To contact us about a customised in-house programme for presentation on the site of your choice click here


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Director Bill Butler B.Com, C.A, Dip. Soc. Sci. (Psycholo.) Phone : 021 506 701