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Investment Logic Mapping is a powerful technique designed to ensure that in any problem solving and investment decision-making situation, intelligent discussion and thinking is done up-front, before solutions are identified and before any investment decision is made.

It is a technique developed to ensure that the thinking behind any proposed investment makes sense, that the "logic" of the proposal is sound. It is a disciplined process to test and confirm that the rationale for a proposed investment is evidence-based and sufficiently compelling to convince decision-makers to commit to invest in further investigation and planning.


The objective of this one-day programme is to introduce managers, team leaders and other professionals to the disciplined process of Investment Logic Mapping and how to apply this to business case development, investment proposals and rational business decision-making.


Topics included in this workshop include::

  • Investment Logic Mapping - an overview
  • The Investment Logic Map and the Benefit Management Plan
  • The five key steps of the Investment Logic Mapping process
  • Identifying and defining problems - what has brought about the need
  • Establishing and quantifying costs and benefits
  • Clarifying investment objectives and their alignment with strategy
  • The purpose of and identifying the "long list" of options
  • Identifying and quantifying risks
  • Evaluating and short-listing options
  • Extracting and telling the investment story to maximise its value
  • Expressing the investment proposal in plain language and concepts


The workshop is highly practical, with participants working on live issues and scenarios drawn from their own work environment.

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