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Groups or teams are generally regarded as being more effective in achieving business results than individuals working on their own. By empowering staff and encouraging them to co-operate rather than work as individual units, many organisations have seen greater and more rewarding results than were possible under other structures.

As a result, there is an increasing commitment to the training and development of staff to ensure not only that results are achieved but also that staff are able to work together as a team and can progress both personally and professionally.


The objective of this two day workshop, is assist managers, team leaders and staff in the development of team building and team work skills with particular emphasis on:

  • The philosophy of teamwork
  • Benefits of working together as a team
  • What the team is aiming to achieve
  • Co-operating and communicating in the workplace
  • Accepting and valuing the differences in other people.


Topics covered in the workshop include:

  • What is a team
  • Difference between effective and ineffective teams
  • Why teamwork is important
  • How we build an effective team
  • Steps to achieving effective teams
  • Team goals and objectives
  • Co-operating and communicating together
  • Listening to and accepting other points of view
  • Accepting differences in others
  • Making the most of being a team member
  • Maintaining the team when the pressure is on
  • Supporting and helping each other
  • Teamwork and organisation goals.


The process is both supportive and encouraging. Some low level experiential group activities may be involved, as agreed.


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