Schedule of Course Dates

Our latest schedule of public course dates has been published. This covers the period through to December 2019.

For details, click here.

New programmes

We are pleased to be offering a new programme designed specifically for new managers. This is The New Manager: Developing a Growth Mindset. Focus is not only on the core management skills but also on how to develop our staff in a manner which promotes growth and learning. For full details, click here.

Auckland Public Course Dates

Programmes offered as public workshops in Auckland in 2019 are as follows:

For details of these and our other public programmes, see Public Course Dates.

Upcoming Wellington Programmes

For details of all our upcoming Wellington programmes, click here.

In House Programmes

In addition to our public workshops, we offer a wide range of customised in-house programmes on the site of your choice.

For information on the range of programmes we offer see Training Programmes.

If you would like more information or to organise an in house programme for your own staff, click here.