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In today’s economic climate, many of us are faced with challenges affecting our careers. These can arise quite suddenly, either from restructuring initiatives, changes in strategic focus, a downturn in activity or essential cost reduction exercises.

For some of us, this may mean dis-establishment of our positions and the need to seek employment elsewhere. For others, we may need to re-apply for a position from a reduced number of vacancies, take on additional duties or move to a different role.

Whatever the circumstances, these are challenging times which we need to handle constructively and productively, both for ourselves and others who rely on us. We must be proactive in terms of developing strategies for managing the changes effectively, marketing ourselves to best advantage and handling the day- to-day pressures and stresses we all face in times of rapid change.


The objective of this two-day programme is to assist mangers, team leaders and other staff in developing all the key resilience skills to manage both themselves and others effectively during times of rapid change affecting their lives and careers



Topics included in this workshop include:

  • Personal resilience - key habits and behaviours  
  • Staying motivated and focused in face of set-backs and opposition
  • Building emotional maturity through difficult situations and change
  • Managing negative thought processes constructively
  • Remaining creative and generating options
  • Managing day-to-day pressures and stresses effectively
  • Building and updating our skills base and coping strategies
  • Marketing ourselves both internally and externally
  • Presenting ourselves and our ideas to best advantage
  • Enhancing our interviewing and responding skills
  • Thinking on the spot and handing difficult questions
  • CV writing techniques
  • Communication and negotiation strategies to get through stressful times
  • Handling pressure of increased workloads
  • Tips on financial management.


The workshop is highly participative and built around current situations and issues of participants.



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