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To be successful and respected in our chosen career, it is increasingly important that we are able to build and maintain positive working relationships not only with the people with whom we work but also with our clients and business associates.

To do so effectively, we must be able to deal with all types of personalities and relate to a variety of people with opinions, values and temperaments all different to our own. We must also be aware of the effect of our own behaviour on our working relationships and be prepared to be flexible in our dealings with others to the extent of adapting our own style where necessary.


The objective of this two day workshop is to assist managers, team leaders and staff in developing their people handling skills so that they are better equipped to handle the more difficult interpersonal situations and relationships which form part of everyday business life.


Topics covered in the programme include:

  • Understanding the power of behaviour
  • Working with different personalities and social styles of behaviour
  • Assessing the impact of our own behaviour
  • Recognising and understanding "learned reactions"
  • Verbal and non verbal communication
  • Getting our message across
  • Listening to and assimilating another's viewpoint
  • Conveying negative information to others constructively
  • Handling criticism, opposition and negative feedback
  • Withstanding pressure and subtle forms of manipulation
  • Minimising and handling conflict in the workplace
  • Declining requests without damaging working relationships
  • Understanding, recognising and minimising workplace bullying
  • Negotiation and influencing skills for successful business relationships.


Participants will be able to understand the power of behaviour and have the flexibility to adapt their own behaviour to promote successful working relationships. They will be able listen to and assimilate the viewpoints of others and convey differing opinions and negative information constructively. They will also be able to handle criticism and use negotiation and influencing skills to enhance interpersonal relationships.

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