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1 July
19 September
21 November



In today's challenging business environment, personal presentation and impact are particularly important for success in our chosen career. We must not only be technically competent and knowledgeable, we must be able to present ourselves, our ideas, the services we offer and the organisation we represent in a manner which is professional and engenders confidence in others.

We must be able to converse and network effectively, put others at ease but most importantly, create a favourable, lasting, impression which sets a positive framework to achieve desired business outcomes and maintain effective ongoing business relationships.


The objective of this one-day programme is to assist managers, team leaders and support staff in developing all the key skills and knowledge to assist them in enhancing their own personal presentation, impact and persuasiveness for the achievement of desired business outcomes.


Topics included in this workshop include:

  • Personal presentation and impact an overview
  • Identifying our strengths and weaknesses
  • Presenting ourselves and our ideas persuasively
  • First impressions and impact
  • Body language, behaviours and gestures
  • Situational awareness and responding appropriately
  • Recognising and dealing with different personalities
  • Networking and conversation skills
  • Getting our message across effectively words and actions
  • Contributing effectively at meetings
  • Handling objections and opposing points of view
  • Speaking up in a group situation
  • Handling challenging people and situations
  • Raising difficult and sensitive matters
  • Presenting information professionally
  • Presenting ourselves and our organisation to clients.


On completion of the course, participants will have a greater ability to project themselves, their ideas, services and the organisation they represent with confidence, enhancing not only their own personal impact but their ability to persuade and influence effectively so as to achieve desired business outcomes.


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