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In today’s business environment, use of contractors is an important means of resourcing to enable us to achieve desired business outcomes on time, within budget and to the desired standard. However, while this approach can deliver significant benefits in terms of cost, efficiency and flexibility, unless managed effectively, many of those benefits can be lost through lack of clarity around expectations, service agreements and a disciplined approach to contactor performance management.


The aim of this one-day workshop is to assist managers, project managers and team leaders in developing and/or updating all the key skills for effective contactor management, with a particular focus on managing contractor performance while at the same time maintaining positive working relationships and resolving differences constructively.


The topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Key Components for Successful Contract Management
    Key habits and behaviours for effective contractor management Adopting a project management approach to managing contractors and their performance Ensuring clarity around expectations.
  • Managing Performance : Managing Relationships
    Recognising and working with different personalities and social styles of behaviour
    Getting our message across effectively – words and actions
    Raising difficult and sensitive issues
    Giving feedback constructively
    Questioning and fact finding skills
    Handling deflecting tactics, power plays and escalation
    Handing opposition, resistance and objections constructively
    Negotiating solutions
    Managing shortfalls on performance
  • Contract Management Best Practice
    Incentives and bonuses
    Optimal durations for contract management type contracts
    Performance audits
    Managing contract variations
    Getting contractors to go the extra mile
    Achieving proactivity by our contractors
    Managing conflicts of interest.


On completion of the workshop, participants will have developed a range of skills and techniques to assist them in effectively managing contractors while at the same time preserving and maintaining positive working relationships necessary to ensure that the potential benefits of using contractors are delivered into the organisation.


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