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The content of Public Sector Finance and Accounting programmes is agreed in consultation with respective Finance and Human Resources teams and tailored to their needs. However, as a guide, topics generally covered in such programmes include:


Topics covered in the workshop include the following:

  • The nature, purpose and scope of accounting
  • Overview of the financial management system of the organisation
  • Accounting principles and concepts as these apply to public sector organisations
  • Financial and accounting terminology explained
  • Difference between cash accounting and accrual accounting
  • The accounting and reporting cycle
  • Accruals and the accrual process
  • The principles of double entry (where appropriate)
  • Reporting on results - Monthly Financial Reports, Statements of Comprehensive Income and Statements of Financial Performance
  • Balance Sheets - Statements of Financial Position
  • Cash flow statements (where appropriate) and their relevance to budgeting
  • Application of accounting principles to the organisation's own accounting and management information system
  • The planning and budgeting process
  • The budgeting cycle and management reporting
  • Variance analysis and control
  • Interpreting financial information and key performance indicators
  • Capital and operating expenditure and the need for accurate allocation
  • Accounting for assets, accounts payable and receivables
  • Depreciation.


The programme is interactive involving practical exercises related to the management reports and accounts of the organisation and the environment in which its staff operate.


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